Spares & Equipment


Rosh Engineering stocks many spares for power transformers and can rapidly source and deliver most other items.
Typical spares supplied & installed are:
Cooling Radiators
Electrical insulating oil -- reconditioned oil to BS148 or new mineral oil to IEC60296 Synthetic insulants such as Silicon or Midel
Heat Exchangers
Pump/Fan Monitors
Hydran instruments
Current Transformers (CTs) see below
Voltage Transformers (VTs) see below
Conservator Tanks
Refridgerative Breathers such as Drycol
Winding Temperature Indicators (WTI)
Control Kiosks
Oil Temperature Indicators (OTI)
Buchholz or Gas Activated Relays
Pressure Relief Devices such as the Qualitrol pressure relief gauge
Oil Level Gauges – Magnetic & Prismatic
Silica Gel Breathers
Explosion vent diaphragm material 
New transformers and switchgear can also be supplied and delivered to customer specifications with a full installation service as required. 
Rosh Engineering can supply and install several options for on-line transformer oil filtration.
The Omnia Molecular Sieve filters transformer insulating oil continuously through filters to remove moisture and particles to ensure efficient operation of the transformer. 
Rosh Engineering can also install a range of Jensen oil processing plant including the V30 which continually de-gasses the oil and in doing so removes moisture from the transformer to below 10ppm. Rosh can also supply and install Jensen’s HDU 15/25 PV online tap changer filter which will filter to 3 micron absolute without interfering with the oil’s performance. The oxidation and carbon particles generated by the tap changer’s operation is removed via absorption as is any moisture within the oil.


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