September 2020

Northern Powergrid Adopt Environmentally Friendly Greenovoc Paint

Northern Powergrid has adopted the innovative, environmentally friendly Greenovoc Speacility Coating for all its transformers and HV plant painting after carrying out trials with Rosh Engineering. The industrial paint dries at temperatures as low as 6oC in under an hour. A unique attribute for a water based zero VOC industrial paint.

Rosh Engineering Awarded ISO45001 Standard for Health & Safety

Great achievement for Rosh Engineering to have been awarded the new ISO45001 standard for Health & Safety which supersedes the OHSAS18001 which we have held for more than 12 years. Both OHSAS18001 and ISO45001 share a common goal: to reduce workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths. The biggest difference between the two standards is how they approach that goal. Specifically, the new ISO45001 standard emphasises a more holistic approach to safety risk management — one that is integrated into an organisation’s core business processes.

August 2020

Appointment of Project Engineer Bob Salsbury

Bob Salsbury joins the growing team at Rosh Engineering as project engineer. Bob brings enormous experience within the power industry having most recently worked for Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE). Bob will be managing a number of power transformer repair and refurbishment projects within the electricity supply industry as well as for large industrial customers. Customers in the Rosh Engineering portfolio stretch throughout the length and breadth of the UK, Ireland, Northern Europe with plans to expand further afield. Based out of Rosh Engineering’s Blaydon on Tyne factory Bob joins as the works expand increasingly into the renewable energy sector with large numbers of transformers being returned for off-site refurbishment to compliment the on-site capabilities of the business.

July 2020

Launch of Rosh Engineering’s Youtube Channel

The launch of the Rosh Engineering YouTube channel starts with short videos of the Greenovoc speciality coating of power transformers   followed by a testing and inspection summary and a third video of a general summary of the Rosh Engineering services

April 2020

Roy Dormer 1928-2020

The founder of Rosh Engineering, Roy Dormer died on 9 April aged 91. He had just lived as many years as he could and it was not COVID-19 related. Having left school at 15 he went to night school to further his qualifications before joining Brush Transformers Ltd in 1950. On becoming Chief Test Engineer and Quality Manager his love of transformers grew into a passion. His work led to the discovery of where the hottest spot on a transformers active part really is through to thermal design work that resulted in changes to the American standard. He later became MD of a transformer cooling manufacturing plant in the North East before starting Rosh Engineering in 1981. Even into his 80s he loved nothing more than helping young engineers at Rosh, sharing his wisdom and love of the grey boxes that quietly hum and too many just take for granted.

February 2020

Rushlight and EDIE Awards

Rosh Engineering’s use and development of the environmentally friendly industrial Greenovoc painting solution has resulted in winning the Rushlight Award . The award celebrates the significant achievements of manufacturers and service providers in reducing the environmental impact. The zero VOC, low temperature, fast drying water-based paint is unique in the industry. Rosh Engineering was also a shortlisted finalist in the internationally acclaimed EDIE Awards. Alongside the likes of Proctor & Gamble, Coca Cola, the NHS, Drax Power, to be shortlisted in these awards was a great accolade.

September 2019

Appointment of Project Engineer Will Hardin

Rosh Engineering Ltd is delighted that Will Hardin is joining the team to help with the massive growth in business. With wide ranging experience across the electricity industry from oil management through to project management with major substation construction businesses and transformer manufacturers.

January 2018

SPEN Framework Contract for the Repair & Refurbishment of Transformers

Rosh Engineering has won the  framework contract for the repair and refurbishment of 33kv/11kV transformers for the Scotland and Merseyside & North wales areas of UK Distribution Network Operator SP Energy Networks. SPEN has the option to extend the contract until 2022. Rosh has been awarded the contract based on an evaluation of technical competence, health safety and quality performance, and financial competitiveness. Rosh Engineering Managing Director was delight to win the work and said,

“We have successfully carried out many contracts on the SPEN Network over the years and look forward to cementing our relationship even further with this long term commitment”.


Full scope of work under the contract includes:

  • Transformer oil – Sampling and Diagnostic testing; Topping up the main tank and/or the cooling bank; Oil storage during works; Oil reconditioning and Oil regeneration
  • Transformer tank and fittings – Condition assessment; Bolt tightening; Full cleaning and removal of surface rust patches; Full steam cleaning; Touch- painting of corrosion treated areas; Full painting of transformer tank and all fittings; Welding of the main tank cover lid and bolts.
  • Gasketed joints – Replace access hole gaskets, tap changer compartment gaskets
  • Cable boxes – Full cleaning and removal of surface rust patches; Full steam cleaning; replacement
  • Cooling system – Radiators and pipe work cleaning, removal of rusty particles, surface treatment and full painting; Oil leaks sealing; Radiator and Pipe work replacement
  • Fans – Inspection, grease bearings; repair and replacement
  • Pumps – Inspection, maintenance; repair and replacement
  • Valves – Inspection; oil leaks; Repair/ re-gasketting and replacement
  • Conservator – Full cleaning and removal of rusty particles; Full painting; Re-gasketting; Replacement; Oil gauges inspection, cleaning and replacement
  • Breather – Silica gel and Breather replacement
  • Main Tank Mounted Bushings – Inspection, exterior clean and topping up of oil filled bushings (including Ductor testing of BB joints); Replacement
  • Tap changer – Full internal inspection, maintenance and adjustment; Replacement of any parts required; Transformer and tap changer testing
  • Control cabinet – Resealing main door and/ or walls. External and internal painting. Check protection devices. Condition assessment of multicore cabling & accessories. Replacement of heaters and lighting. WTI, OTI, isolator switch, relay, contactor multicore cabling & accessories, cabinet.
  • Tap changer control cabinet – Resealing main door and/ or walls. External and internal painting. Check protection devices
  • Pressure Relief System – Condition assessment; protection operation and calibration; replacement of bursting disks; full replacement


Rosh Engineering Manager, Emanuel Eleftheropoulos welcomes the opportunity to service SP Energy Network transformers across such a wide range of areas which will utilise many of the company’s in house skills.

November 2017

Rosh Engineering buys a new factory

Continued expansion and development of Rosh Engineering’s transformer repair and refurbishment capabilities has resulted in the purchase of a 1,000m2. Factory on the banks of the river Tyne in Blaydon to the west of Newcastle, and right beside the main A1 trunk road. With lifting capacity up to 20tonnes the facility will expand the services available to power engineers throughout the UK and northern Europe.

Three months of refurbishment and modification to the factory will be taking place before all operations are moved into the new location. Rosh Engineering Director Paul Scott said,

“We have been looking to increase our capacity and capability for factory refurbishment for some time and buying this free hold property secures the company’s future to grow and develop”.

Rosh Engineering factory Blaydon on Tyne

October 2017

Harton and Westoe Angels Football team

Rosh Engineering is the proud sponsor of Harton and Westoe Angels. A girls football team that has great prospects…. well better prospects of success than some North East Football teams. The Sponsorship has given the team a selection of kit for the season.

March 2017

ENWL Framework Contract for the Repair & Refurbishment of Transformers

After many years of working with the North West England utility, Rosh Engineering has secured a 3 year framework contract for the repair and refurbishment of power transformers with ENW.

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