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Rosh Engineering has extensive knowledge and experience in the testing and commissioning of power transformers over a wide range of size and voltage class.

Our range of testing services includes commissioning of newly manufactured and installed transformers, condition monitoring and time-based asset testing, through to fault investigation and diagnosis.

It is essential that your transformer remains in good health. Robust testing during installation followed by condition monitoring and time-based asset testing during its operational life enables more accurate diagnosis of the transformers condition and thus the best corrective measures required to maintain reliable operation.

The following are typical tests that can be carried out by our test & commissioning engineers either on site or at our dedicated workshop:

Specialist and Fingerprint Tests:

  • Winding resistance
  • Winding capacitance and power factor (tan δ)
  • HV bushings capacitance and power factor (tan δ)
  • Sweep frequency response analysis (SFRA)
  • Dielectric frequency response analysis (DFR/DIRANA)

General Tests:

  • Core-earth insulation resistance
  • Winding insulation resistance
  • Transformer turns ratio (TTR) & vector group
  • Magnetising current
  • Tapchanger operation functional
  • Current transformer ratio, polarity, resistance and magnetisation curves
  • Protection device calibration and functional
  • Cooling operation / functional
  • Auxiliary equipment functional
  • Primary & secondary current injection
  • Oil sample analysis

Transformer Survey, Condition Monitoring and Technical Advice

Rosh Engineering provides transformer inspection, visual and thermographic survey and oil sampling service to monitor the health condition of transformers.

The transformer condition monitoring will be carried out in approved manner by Rosh engineers providing a detailed report including expert advice and recommendations.

The service includes the following:

  • Visual inspection of transformer — Highlighting areas of corrosion and paint condition – particularly in critical areas
  • Identifying leaks from gaskets loose joints and due to corrosion
  • Inspection of auxiliary equipment including: Tapchanger; Pumps; Fans; Buchholz Relay; Winding Temperature Indicator; Oil Level Gauge; Pressure Relief Device; Silica Gel Breather etc. Either a visual inspection of the above equipment can be carried out while the transformer is in service or full testing and calibration can be carried out where applicable during a shutdown.
  • Inspection of transformer oil level
  • Collect oil samples from transformer and tapchanger as applicable
  • Thermographic image of the transformer to identify hot spots or excessive over heating
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Transformer fingerprint testing

Key Benefits:

  • Continuous transformer monitoring
  • Identification of potential failures at the early stages
  • Helps in planning the maintenance works and asset management budgets
  • Improves transformer life
  • Increased reliability
  • Reduces unexpected failures/faults and costs associated
  • Reduces equipment down time and loss of supply
  • Protects environment

A complete report including findings from inspection and test result analysis and expert recommendations for improving capacity and life of transformers.

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